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We'll be offering free online workshops with 100th percentile scoring MCAT instructors. Free MCAT materials will also be provided. Sign up below and we'll send you the necessary materials and a link to our online platform.

June 21st  CARs I: Reading Passage
June 22nd Strategy I: How to Prepare for the MCAT, Basic MCAT Test Taking Strategy
June 23rd  Strategy II: Statistical Reasoning, Research Design and Interpretation
June 24th  CARs II: Answering Questions
July 7th     Practice Exam 1 Review
July 14th   CARs III: Avoiding Mistakes and Practice Exam 2 Review
July 21st   Practice Exam 3 Review
July 28h    Practice Exam 4 Review
Aug 4th     Practice Exam 5 Review
Aug 11th   Strategy III: Review of Test Taking Skills and Planning For Test Day. AAMC Sample Exam Review.